Old Pali - Likeke Trail

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This trail starts from a popular tourist attraction the Pali Lookout.  The trail is a beginners trails to a spectacular waterfall.  If you continue on the Likeke trail it is more an intermediate trail which is a little less improved.  The trail is lush and has minimal elevation changes. Read the directions accompanying the pictures below, because the trail route can be confusing.  The hiking time is 3 1/2-4 hours.

Being a beginners' trail, it is ideal for taking your family - as you can see in the pictures we did. Luckily all the elevation changes involve walking downhill, so there'll be no hard slogs up steep hillsides to exhaust you. This is one of those classic hikes that come down from the central highlands to the coastal plain that you find in any number of countries around the world, from the French island of Corsica to Sri Lanka. They are always popular as you get spectacular views down towards the centers of population and then onto the sea.

Of course it is not only enjoyable, but also good for you too. So, not only will you come home feeling like you've really made the most of Oahu scenery and nature, but you'll also feel like you've burnt some calories (around 800) and kept your life insurance or personal trainer happy! Oahu really is a gem of a place to hike, and this is an ideal walk to start with. Hopefully you'll like it so much you'll get the bug and make exploring the island on foot a way of life.

Estimated burn: 800 calories

There is one cache on this trail:  Mango-Tango (N 21 22.235 W 157 47.761).

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Old Pali - Likeke Trail Elevation Profile